Plan and manage your budget with this simple solution: a macro enabled Excel workbook to record expenses and manage dues. For home and small business it features functions as: due register, expenses forecast, expenses record, actuals.

It works on Excel 2010 and higher: when PIBudget workbook is opened a new menu appears in Excel ribbon bar, with all the functions needed, in a simple and straightforward manner; simple also for Excel novice.

Programma Per La Pianificazione Finanziaria Personale


PI Budget for Excel overview and user interface

PIBudget is a budgeting program that works on top of Microsoft Excel 2010 or Higher; it is a simple solution for home users and small/individual business. At start it adds its own commands on the ribbon bar, allowing user to access all its functionalities in one place with look and feel consistent with Excel user interface. The other components of the user interface are quite simple spreadsheet simple and intuitive also for user not experienced with Excel.

To manage expenses we use the following simple sheets:

-          Setup: to input and edit expense categories and subcategories;

-          Budget: input monthly available budget for each subcategory;

-          Expenses and due payments register: to record dues and expenditures;

-          Actual: to compare what actually spent against forecasts and take action;

Watch this short presentation to understand the basics and features of this solution:

PI Budget for Excel functions and How – To

The following slide show explains how to use commands and spreadsheet to perform the most common operations when doing budget:

-          First we need to decide “where” we are going to spend money: the type of expenses we face;

-          Then we forecast “when” will money go out: assign a budget to every month of the year;

-          Finally we record facts to understand if we are on track with our budget or need to take actions;

This presentation shows in detail the main operations to do in PIBudget:



License and activation

The downloadable version has limited functions, once purchased user will get an unlocked version with product key.

System requirements

This product works on Microsoft Excel 2010 and higher.