Microsoft Excel: an introduction

Spreadsheet is one of the most effective and versatile applications to perform calculation and reports, and Microsoft Excel is probably the most well-known and used, especially for business users. You can build solutions for financial, production, logistics planning, and much more; but beside this, excel is particularly interesting for its data analysis and reporting functions that allow to extract information from various databases: from ERP to stock management to technical department, process data and present results to better understand business facts.


01 Excel Function


Excel provides a  great variety of tools, so trying to give a definition is hard; having to try anyway I’d say: “a powerful tool to collect, process and present data”. Well …like every general definition this means all and nothing, anyway in the following articles we will see many example, and understand how in that definition one can put the simple table to record expenses, the names and phone number list with search and filter capability, the financial report, the multidimensional analysis report of sales data extracted from ERP database, the business dashboard with performance and quality indicators updated daily, the financial or industrial planning spreadsheet, and more and more…