PIBudget App for Excel

PIBudget App for Excel
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Macro enabled Excel Workbook: it works in Excel version 2010 or higher and is a simple and easy to use budgeting spreadsheet.

When PIBudget start it adds its own commands on the ribbon bar, allowing user to access all its functionalities in one place with look and feel consistent with Excel user interface. The other components of the user interface are quite simple spreadsheet simple and intuitive also for user not experienced with Excel.

Main features:
- User customizable Budget categories and sub-categories
- Easy to use budget sheet
- Expenses records
- Due payments register
- Automatic Actuals from expenses records with comparison against budget

Watch this presentation for a quick overview:

User can input 10 main budget categories, and for each one of these breakdown to other 15 subcategories. Once done this first setup the program shows personalized categories and subcategories in a grid with space for a budget in each month: here user can easily setup monthly forecast for each subcategory.

Once done with budget all the attention shifts towards being sure that budget is respected, which is done in the “Dues and Expenses” section, where user finds the following features:
- Record expenses
- Copy expenses to record similar payment multiple times
- Enter due payments
- Split due payments
- Delay due payments

“Dues and Expenses” section shows a compact dashboard with expenses forecasts and available budget quick look for each month, besides this there is an “Actuals” sections where expenses and dues are added up in the correct subcategory and showed against budget on a monthly base.

More details in this presentation: